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Here is my Dealers' Notice

The U.K. jewellery industry has a long and distinguished history and contributes extensive employment opportunities and over £8 billion to the U.K. economy.

The primary protection for those selling precious metals and their customers is the Hallmarking Act 1973 which sets standards and marketing requirements for the sale of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium jewellery and other articles. There are three main areas with which jewellers need to comply when selling online:


  1. Hallmarking compliance

  2. Accurate product descriptions for consumers

  3. Hallmarking information for consumers / Dealers Notice display.


The Dealers Notice provides consumer information to identify the integrity of product through the Hallmark.

Due to the high cost of hallmarking one-off pieces, I send pieces to be hallmarked if they are made from gold or silver pieces (over 7.78 grams), or a bespoke piece where a hallmark is desired.

Those sterling silver pieces which are under 7.78 g I have a unique stamp (as agreed with the Assay Office) with which I can punch my makers mark and 925 to signify its purity.

See my blog for more information about hallmarking and assay offices.

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