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Memorial Jewellery

Memorial or Mourning Jewellery

In September 2022 we lost our beloved 14-year old staffie, Fergie.  We were heartbroken. She was such a beautiful soul and I wanted to make some pieces which both commemorated her and comforted me.

Really popular in Victorian times, mourning or memorial jewellery is not for everyone but it can bring a huge amount of comfort to the grieving.  Both pet and human ashes and hairs can be used and can also be mixed.

I decided to incorporate a few of her cremation ashes into a silver tube that I could wear close to my heart. I also incorporated some of her ashes and hair into a resin cabochon with some added silver sparkles (stardust) which I set into a ring.  Sparkles are optional and can be added in all kinds of colours.  When you have ordered, we can have a chat about sparkles.

Later that same year, my lovely friend Astrid, lost her beloved chihuahua, Ted. Knowing how much comfort I gained from my memorial pieces, she commissioned two pieces – a smaller tube in 9ct gold with a sterling silver top and a cabochon ring with a little of his hair.

I carefully mix either hair or ashes or both into a special resin and then set it into a cabachon suitable for setting in a ring, bangle, earrings or pendant.  These take a few days to fully 'cure' before being ready to set.

Many other variations of ring shank and styles can be made in bespoke orders. Contact me if you'd like something different to those shown.

Once you have ordered, I send out a little collection kit which you use to collect a few hairs or ashes, which you send back to me.  Once received, they are carefully stored until making.  Any unused will be returned to you.  Scroll further down for more details.

Ordering your Memorial Jewellery

Each piece is so very personal but I have popped the pieces I have made along with their cost so you can order the same or you may prefer a bespoke piece made.

The first step is a chat to find out what you have in mind. I can make different styles of rings in silver or gold or gold plated.  Rings can include sparkles of different colours.  Resin memorial cabochons can be incorporated into all kinds of jewellery pieces. Just drop me an email and we can attange to have a no-obligation chat about what is possible. This can be via email, telephone or zoom call.

Once you have ordered, I will send you a little kit which consists of a wooden spoon and a small pot for your ashes and/or a bag for some hair.  One spoonful is all that is required.  An envelope is enclosed for you to send them back to me.

As soon as your envelope is received the ashes are placed together in a sealed bag until I’m ready to make your piece in my studio. No ashes or hairs are discarded during the process and all unused are returned to you along with your jewellery piece.

I promise, I treat the ashes and hairs of your loved one with the utmost care and dignity.

Pieces are handmade and hallmarked, so will take up to 28 days, possibly a little longer if gold plated.

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