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Mixing Yellow Gold, Rose Gold & Silver Jewellery

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

I have always loved jewellery that mixes up gold and silver and any other objects really that do the same!

I remember seeing some gorgeous silver & gold jewellery in a swanky department store in Brussels back in the 80’s and just falling in love with it!

I had a wonderful set of Cross Pens which I was given about 10 years or so later - they too were a mix of silver and yellow gold - just like decent sunglasses though, I kept leaving them on planes and trains so now I have a cheaper all silver set and guess what? Like my cheaper sunglasses, I haven’t lost them once! LOL! I still mourn my gorgeous pens!

I was in Seventh Heaven when I found my favourite Chanel Allure perfume in a gorgeous silver and gold atomiser. I haven’t been able to get the refills but this beautiful, if a little battered (from travelling) atomiser stills sits on my dressing table even though it’s empty simply because it’s a thing of beauty and so stirs my soul!

Imagine my joy on becoming a jewellery designer, realising I could mix it up in any way I wished!! At the moment I’m wearing (on one finger!) my Great, Great Grandmother’s 22ct yellow gold wedding ring with rings all made by me - a silver ring with a rose gold bezel set with a white topaz and silver & rose gold fine stacked rings! I’ll pop a snapshot below! Forgive my old hands!

As I wear my jewellery and don’t have to put it down anywhere, I can afford to wear some of my lovely sterling silver rings, charms, bracelets, necklaces and earrings plated in 24ct gold and rose gold without fear of leaving them on my travels!

From my jewellery collections, I’m also wearing a rose gold beaten bangle with my silver hammered link bracelet. I love the look!

A small survey I did and a sponsored post on Facebook showed that three years ago rose gold had soared in popularity! It was a close run between sterling silver, rose gold finish with yellow gold finishing a long way behind in third place. I think now, yellow gold is more popular than rose gold and silver (or white gold) continues to rule!

They great thing is that I don’t think you have to choose - wear them all together!

I’m going to experiment more with yellow and rose gold together. Why not?!

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